Education and COVID-19 Resources

SOGH COVID-19 Position Statement – April 10, 2020

The Society of OB/GYN Hospitalists endorses the following:

1.      Obstetricians caring for hospitalized pregnant women and performing deliveries are frontline personnel in the Covid19 pandemic.

2.      The process of labor and delivery is unpredictable and requires close physical contact between pregnant women and frontline personnel, increasing their risk of exposure to Covid19.

3.      The science regarding transmission of Covid19 is evolving. Hospitals must prioritize protecting frontline personnel.

4.      Asymptomatic pregnant women can infect frontline personnel.

Therefore, we recommend hospitals adopt:

1.      Universal use of hospital masks on Labor and Delivery, for staff, patients and visitors.

2.      Universal testing for Covid19 of all pregnant women and their chosen support person/s on Labor and Delivery, where available.

3.      Use of full PPE, including N95 masks and face shields, for the second stage of labor for all Covid positive women and persons under investigation or for all women, when universal testing is not available.

4.      Safe recycling of N95 masks.