Why OB/GYN Hospitalist?

“OB/GYN Hospitalists in this country are the wave of the future. There’s no question about it.”

- Dr. J. Joshua Kopelman - Former Chair ACOG District VIII

What is an OB/GYN Hospitalist?

The OB/GYN Hospitalist is an experienced OB/GYN physician with a practice focused on managing the OB/GYN care of the hospitalized patient

How does having an OB/GYN Hospitalist program benefit hospitals and patients?

  • Improved patient safety and outcomes
  • Reduced Cesarean section rates
  • Reduced stress on nursing by having an in-house OB/GYN emergency specialist
  • Increased consistency in hospital protocols for high-risk conditions
  • Better teamwork through simulation and stable leadership

Physicians benefit by:

  • Expanded knowledge and skill in labor and delivery
  • Satisfaction in improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced burnout from long hours and conflict with private practice
  • Proven decreased malpractice costs

What are the benefits of joining SOGH?

SOGH is the only medical society whose sole focus is to advance the OB/GYN hospitalist model and to support all individuals who are dedicated to enhancing the safety and quality of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine.  SOGH exists to support current OB/GYN Hospitalists and those providers looking to become OB/GYN Hospitalists.

  • Discounted member pricing to attend the very popular Annual Clinical Meeting Conference
  • eNewsletters with articles geared towards the OB/GYN Hospitalist – clinical pearls, coding wisdom, updates on the latest research, conference info, etc.
  • Access to the most comprehensive job opportunities database to assist in finding the best physician to join your OB/GYN Hospitalist program or to find a position as an OB/GYN Hospitalist
  • Training materials and videos to help you start simulation training on Labor & Delivery (coming soon)
  • Access to the largest assembled group of OB/GYN hospitalists for advice through the website discussion page and for survey data regarding relationships with MFM’s and employment benefits
  • Knowledge that you are part of a team who is changing the face of future obstetrics and gynecology

Types of Membership:

Full Membership: $225

For eligibility as a Full Member of the Society an individual must be a licensed physician or certified nurse midwife who has interest in obstetrics and gynecology hospital care and/or participates in the management of obstetrical-gynecological hospitalized patients. 

Associate Membership: $150

For eligibility as an Associate Member in the Society an individual must be a physician, midwife, nurse or allied health-care professional in residency or training who expresses an interest in obstetrical/gynecological hospital care. 

Affiliate Membership: $150

For eligibility as an Affiliate Member an individual must be an allied healthcare professional or a non-health-care provider (i.e. layperson, bioethicist, scientist, business person) who has expressed an interest in obstetrical/gynecological hospital care and wishes to support the goals of the Society

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2017 SOGH ACM Dates and Location Announced!

The 2017 Annual Clinical Meeting will be September 24 - September 27, 2017 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana -- SAVE THE DATE!