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ACM Faculty 2017
Butler, Jennifer
Caughey, Aaron
Dungan, Jeffrey
Esplin, Sean
Gardner, Sue
Gerard, Elizabeth
Hameed, Afshan
Haramati, Aviad
Lagrew, David
Landon, Mark
Main, Elliott
Paré, Emmanuelle
Pettker, Christian
Schneider, Andrea
Shainker, Scott
van Dis, Jane
Weiss, Patrice
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SOGH is pleased to welcome these distinguished faculty to the Annual Clinical Meeting:

Dr. Jennifer Butler
Dr. Aaron B. Caughey
Dr. Jeffrey Dungan
Dr. M. Sean Esplin
Sue Gardner
Dr. Elizabeth E. Gerard
Dr. Afshan B. Hameed
Aviad Haramati
Dr. David Lagrew
Dr. Mark B. Landon
Dr. Elliot Main
Emmanuelle Paré
Dr. Christian M. Pettker
Andrea Kupfer Schneider
Scott A. Shainker, DO, MS
Dr. Jane van Dis
Dr. Patrice M. Weiss

Faculty biographies and course information are detailed on the following pages (by index, top left above). 


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